Hi everyone! Welcome to my website and blog!

My goal here and the only reason for creating this blog is to share what I think makes life valuable… happiness and health.  I have an incredibly strong view about health, what health is, and how everyone can achieve it. I will transparently share the knowledge that I have learned because I find it so valuable and important. This website and blog is not here to promote a career, be well known in this industry, a fitness icon, or some top model. My goal is to share the importance of your health and that NOTHING should compromise it. It’s about the balance and giving your body and mind what it needs to succeed in every area of life.  Being on a cover of a magazine was amazing and I am so grateful for that incredible experience but there are so many more important things in life then magazine covers. If I just so happen to become popular or on more covers, so be it and I will take it. But I only want it because I did everything the right way and because I am the picture of physical, mental, emotional, and cellular health.  Working out and modeling are passions of mine and things I like to do, but they are not the things that make my life worth living. I have absolutely no expectations for a modeling career. I am simply enjoying the journey that comes along with having very high health standards 🙂 My health always comes first! No matter what.

A little more recent history of my life…

Even though I grew up fairly healthy, I did not become this passionate about health until I learned that I had a handful of health issues on October 30th 2014. LITERALLY the next day, I unexpectedly lost my job as a pharmaceutical representative. After being laid off and sick I took that time to do all the research I possibly could to find out how to heal myself and learn more about how my body works on a cellular level. This time away from work has completely changed my outlook on life and health and for the absolute best. I am so thankful for my health issues because without them, I would not be where I am today and I would not be as healthy or grateful.

What started this downward spiral was the 7 infections I got in 2014. The antibiotics I was put on each time DESTROYED my gut and since all disease begins in the gut, my health quickly declined. After seeing my naturopathic doctor and getting blood work tests back, I learned that from these antibiotics I had 40 food allergies, systemic Candida overgrowth, issues from hormonal birth control, 2 MTHFR genetic mutations (which prevents you from detoxing and increases risks of cancer… and of course I was blessed with TWO mutations!), insanely high mercury and other heavy metal levels, and a cervical cancer scare that eventually required a procedure under general anesthesia.

I was told to start with the Candida diet to rid myself of the bad guys in my system first.  So being the impatient person I can be, I started the diet immediately and intensely.  About a month or two later, I was getting severely underweight. It is a very low carb, no sugar of any kind, no fruit, no starch, no starchy vegetables, no alcohol, no grains, no dairy, no vinegar diet that did nothing for me but cause me to loose 15 lbs putting me at 110 lbs on my 5’8” frame. The worst thing was being viewed as someone with an eating disorder because of my extremely low body weight and a strict diet I had to follow but I wanted the farthest thing from an underweight figure.  The “eat more!” comments were so frustrating because I couldn’t!! The stress of losing my job and all of this news forced me to do nothing but sit back and read… and read… and read more on how to heal. Whatever it took, I would find it and do it. My motivation has never been so strong and after months of being sick, I finally feel like myself again… but better in every way.

I have almost completely healed myself and all those ailments with quality food.  I now have a whole new crazy obsession and appreciation for nutrition. I am now at a very healthy weight and in the gym at least 4 times a week lifting weights and I have so much more energy. I want to inspire others to take control of their physical, mental, and emotional health. My main goal is not to look good… it is to FEEL my absolute best and feed my body and cells the best possible ingredients for a very long life… a decent looking figure might come with that… who knows 😉 . I WILL be that 96 year old woman without a cane that’s happy, witty, fit, energetic, and chasing great-grandkids around in the backyard. That is my absolute goal in life.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to add comments below or ask questions! I love sharing.

Welcome to my world!