Sugar Detox Guide eBook


•14 helpful pages
•13 steps on how to eliminate sugar
•Easy to read & follow
•WHY you need to remove sugar
•5 of my favorite easy to make dessert recipes
•How to make healthier adult beverages with recipes
•My favorite tips, hints, and secrets



I created this Sugar Detox Guide after 2 years of being continuously sugar free. After seeing and researching how detrimental sugar is for the body, I decided to learn how to cut it out on my own. After having tremendous success, I decided to put together this all inclusive resource to help others that desire the same optimal health. My unfortunate health issues a few years back led me to where I am today, and for that I am grateful because I have positively changed my life as well as many others. This guide will give you the education and tools to be successful and ultimately see amazing changes in your health. When your health is optimal then your life is optimal. You will learn how to eliminate cravings, make healthy dessert recipes, learn my everyday tips and secrets, and more!